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Releasing a Rock and Roll Single in the Digital Age

on December 16, 2013

Ian Ridenhour in the Studio

Today is a day of celebration in the Ridenhour household! It is the official release day of Ian’s new single, “Along the Lines of Fairytales,” which he’s been working on for six months.

This is Ian’s first fully produced single, and it’s been an incredible learning process for all of us. He wrote the song last year, and performed it live during several of his Ian Ridenhour and the Sonic Screwdrivers gigs (this band consisted of Ian, his dad, and a handful of awesome high school buddies). During the summer, he decided to record it.

DSC_0191The six-month long process was a rich combination of organic music creation and digital mixing magic. We propped up microphones over our beloved old piano at home to record the keys, recorded strings in our basement, and to lay down drums, vocals, and guitar, we set up in a professional studio in South Carolina. A wonderful film crew called The Creative Treatment produced the video, and husband-Jamie made the behind the scenes videos using his laptop and photos and short clips I’ve been taking all along the way. Jamie also researched and set up the business end of the single, creating the ability to buy it on iTunes and other places. It was such a mix!


It takes the entire family to tackle an ambitious project like this. Though Ian did most of the coordination, Jamie and I had to help him stay on track. Did you call Matt yet? When’s Madi going to come over to record the strings? Have you heard back from Kevin? You probably need to send a follow-up email to Nolan… Don’t forget to brush your teeth! You get the idea. We want Ian to succeed in this endeavor, so we treat it as seriously as we would one of our own creative pursuits.

Below, you’ll find three videos. First, the big release itself! Below that, I’m including two behind the scenes videos: the first follows the process of recording, and the second highlights the music video portion. If you are moved by his song, we all hope you will: 1) share it with your friends, 2) find and follow Ian’s professional page on Facebook (ianridenhourmusician), and 3) consider subscribing to his YouTube channel as well. He’s working toward a full album, which he hopes to record this summer. We’d love to share the journey with you!

2 responses to “Releasing a Rock and Roll Single in the Digital Age

  1. Tara Nagengast says:

    Ian, you did a splendid job! You are amazing, I am so blessed to have met you and have heard your father talk about you and your sister so lovingly, full of pride. Stay excellent! ~Tara

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