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We Just Made a Music Video

on November 11, 2013

We Made a Music Video

Making the Video

Over the past few months, Ian has been slowly recording a new single, bringing in different musicians, recording parts in different states, emailing, playing back, tweaking, adding new layers. It’s a gorgeous song. He plans to release it in mid-December, along with an honest-to-goodness music video.

Video Shoot (51)Last week, we filmed this video at a beautiful old gilded theater called The Belle Mehus. The Creative Treatment film production company approached Ian months ago to make the video – simply because they believe in Ian’s vision and potential. They were the amazing talent that produced his Daily Dakotan video a year ago (which you can see below).

We rented the theater and their grand piano, lugged in Ian’s drum set, and then the rest just happened. The Creative Treatment team and the Belle Mehus staff were amazing – so patient and kind, so enthusiastic and supportive. I ran sound, playing back the unmixed recording over the Belle’s sound system so that Ian could sync up his various parts. They filmed the entire song a dozen times – different angles on the piano, different angles on the drums, and then straight up vocals. It took only three hours. And now for the production magic. I can’t wait to see the final product! If you’d like to see more pictures from the shoot, check out Ian’s photo gallery on his website.

New Phase for Ian

This video represents a new stage in Ian’s music career. He’s lately been backing up the fantastic country-pop duo Tigirlily, who are crazy-close to busting into the national music scene. We’ve learned a lot from them – especially about the social media work they’ve done. Inspired by their successful kitchen videos (in which they sing on bar stools in their kitchen) Ian just this week launched the first of his new weekly studio sessions. You can see it below, and you can subscribe to him on YouTube to catch future episodes.

He’s been thinking about a “look” too – we’re considering marketing strategies, fonts, YouTube banners, and the like. There is so much to learn about being an artist in this digital age. But we’re having a blast, and we’re super excited about the potential.

First, the studio session:

And next, the Daily Dakotan episode:

Stay tuned!

8 responses to “We Just Made a Music Video

  1. Vanessa says:

    I’m stunned! Ian’s singing and playing are amazing, and my son and I thoroughly enjoyed his video recordings and tour of the studio. Gwyn you are awesome, providing such a brilliant setup for your children to flourish in (you’ve shown Eva’s writing space before). :)

  2. rebecca says:

    Can’t wait to see the video! I’ve written it before, but Ian’s articulate and poised presentations wow me. It’s so inspiring to see young people who have found their voice and passion and have families that support them. Good for you guys!

  3. Jade Rivera says:

    Thank you, for showing us how awesome it can be when you let your children realize their dreams and take them seriously. Feeling very inspired by this!

    • Thank you too, Jade for your lovely comment. I’ve been enjoying looking at your blog today, and find myself nodding and YES! ing at various points.

      I’m so glad you feel inspired! Your work with gifted kids inspires me too.

  4. Tandy says:

    Gwen, I am not sure how many gifted Children are in Bismarck-Mandan let alone ND….but I was wondering…..could we do a summer camp and have various educators/Moms with interests etc come up with things to do for our kids?

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