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Got a Second? A One Question Poll

on October 28, 2013

Eva and meHello dear readers. I need a bit of assistance and I’m hoping you can help me out. I’m evaluating my blog for its format, look, social media presence, etc. Over the coming months, I will post a poll here from time to time as I’m considering various changes, and I would love for you to give me your input. After all, this blog is for you, and I want it to provide what you need in your pursuit of creative education.

The first question I’ve got for you is about the name. When you read “Dirt Under My Fingernails,” do you love it for its quirky feel and nod to digging deep? Or do you feel it’s confusing and disconnected from what we talk about here? If you think I should change the name and have suggestions, please feel free to put them in the comments on this post, or in the “other” slot on the poll.

Also, if you’ve always wished I would do (fill in the blank) on this blog, either in content or in searchability or format or whatever, don’t feel you have to wait for later polls. Go ahead and share your wisdom with me now!

Many thanks!

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9 responses to “Got a Second? A One Question Poll

  1. Karen Stewart says:

    Love your blog! Must admit though that everytime I see a post in my email, I have to remind myself that it’s a cool homeschooling blog and not one of my favorite gardening blogs. It’s a catchy name, so that part is good but you might want to try a different name (wish I had some good suggestions for you!)

    • Thanks Karen! That’s exactly the kind of feedback I was looking for (and frankly expected). The name was born before the blog content, and I’ve just kept it for lack of a better one. I think I will need to recruit an English college class to brainstorm for me. :)

      • Karen Stewart says:

        Maybe something with ‘path’ or ‘journey’ or ‘walk’? Your blog always makes me think about how we all have a unique journey and the path that you and your family is taking isn’t the typical one and it always makes me think in a new way.

      • Thanks Karen! I think I will definitely need to keep the feel of the name, even if I change it. I like the idea of paths and journeys. I use that kind of language a lot. Thank you so much for the feedback!

  2. stanleyandkatrina says:

    I am exactly the same as Karen. I keep thinking it is a gardening blog by name. I love name but think it is more for those who already know you, not those who would be looking for your type of blog. I enjoy your blog very much. Wish I had a suggestion for a name, too.
    ~Christine M.

    • Thanks Christine. This has been my hunch as well. I created the blog name way back before I settled on education as my topic. I’ve grown attached to it, but feel it is too vague. I stink at this though! I need a name committee! Thanks for your input.

  3. Sarah says:

    The name does evoke images of gardening or farming for me. I would love some more posts about taking the first tentative steps toward pbl, maybe even a few starter ideas. I love reading your blog. Inspiring, but hard for me to see how to implement.

    • What ages are your kids, Sarah? I’m happy to talk about this more, and also happy to give you some specific ideas based on your kids’ ages/levels/interests.

      Thanks for the feedback!

      • Also, Sarah, you may want to check out the post I wrote in late summer; it’s the first of a 3-part series about how to homeschool in a non-traditional manner. If you already read that one and are still stuck, again, start with your kids. I normally begin a new project based on what my kids are interested in.

        Sometimes it’s the project first. For example, Eva wanted to build a TARDIS, so I created the “curriculum” around that. What could we learn? Math, engineering, problem solving, etc. This is a big project, and the subjects we learn fold underneath its umbrella. We took an entire month on the TARDIS.

        Other times, it’s the subject first. For example, let’s say we’re taking on a new history unit. I take stock of what my kids like: making, art, theater, reading, music. Maybe I’ll have Ian write a song about the unit, if he’s inspired (or at least I would have when I was still homeschooling him). I’ve had the kids write and act out a play depicting the historical events. They’ve also written and performed puppet shows. Eva likes art, so she makes more art from the periods we study. It’s matching the learning to what they naturally love. These are mini-projects, folded together to help us explore a larger subject. Sometimes they only take a day to complete, sometimes up to a week.

        Hope that helps. Keep shooting me questions if you have them.

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